#1: Our Year in Review- Top 6 Songs of 2016

Message from the staff:

With the year coming to a close we felt it was only right to do a “Year in Review” before starting our agenda.

So grab your White Owl and a glass of Hennessy and Red Bull as we share with you our Editors’ Choice- Top Hip-Hop Songs of 2016.  

Please provide any feedback to help make this your music sanctuary.

To us and to life,


Top 6 Hip-Hop Songs of 2016

Contributing Authors: Tana SmithReston, and Michelle

6) Drake- “Controlla”


Source: http://thestashed.com/2016/04/27/drakes-views-from-the-6-to-premiere-on-ovo-sound-radio/
  • Reason: What a coincidence that the 6 God is #6 on our chart. This dancehall melody is the epitome of what music from the 6 should represent: recordings that go well with a late night drive. In the middle of “With You” and “One Dance” on Views, “Controlla” is the break through song for Drake’s long attempt to implement the dancehall/R&B fusion into his arsenal. It’s one of those songs that gets you to Snapchat those you shouldn’t…and plus…Beenie Man is an OG.
  • Ideal setting you play this in: Friday sunset. Stuck in rush hour, but you have your freshest fit and kicks in the backseat. You’re almost at the exit to get to your homie’s crib to pre-game before going to that new lounge in Downtown.
  • Fun Fact: The original version of “Controlla,” that leaked about a month prior to the album release, featured Popcaan, not Beenie Man.
  • Newfound word: Yiy!

5) Chance the Rapper- “No Problem”


Source: https://theearlyregistration.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/25712321853_1e93f7322a_k.jpg?w=598&h=398
  • Reason: How could you NOT love Coloring Book. This gospel-esq/R&B/hip hop album leaves a listener uplifted and optimistic, which is why we couldn’t leave Chance’s HUGE 2016 off the chart.”No Problem” reminds the casual fan of the versatility that 2Chainz and Lil Wayne can bring, all while leaving a message of independence and ambition that Chance seems to know and feel all too well. If this was a “Top Albums” chart, we would argue Coloring Book in the top 6 as well.
  • Practical setting you’d play this in: 6:30AM or PM (before or after work) as you’re running on the treadmill in your apartment complex gym
  • “If I were to meet this artist, how would I react?”: Like how he did when ‘Yonce tapped his shoulder at the VMA’s…then I proceed to ask if he would like to puff a J with me.

4) Rae Sremmurd- “Black Beatles”


Source: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-fudjD2DnTMk/WCwvVZGZfrI/AAAAAAAAAx4/QOIgp-mLR00iM5JoyU1sfhA_ISaqmibcwCLcB/s1600/Black%2BBeatles%2BMp3%2BDownload.png
  • Reason: Just when you thought SremmLife was a one and done, SremmLife 2 brings the contrary. “The Mannequin Challenge” is now a staple in pop-culture and will forever remind us of our lit times in the Autumn of 2016. With Gucci Mane fresh out, and Swae Lee providing the hook, the foundation of this song was set up to be a hit. Mike WiLL Made-It continues to out-do himself, whether you accept it or not, as he remains one of the few producers to frequently catch the spotlight since 2011. Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane both deserved their first No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with this banger.
  • Practical setting you’d play this in: The club…duh?
  • Viral video idea: Grab your Amazon Echo you just received for the holidays and go to your local Macy’s or JC Penny. Then tell Alexa to play “Black Beatles” so you can stand with other mannequins throughout the store.
    • Viral video idea 2.0: If you’re feeling really ‘Slim Jxmmy- esq’ that day, you can tie in a Loud Challenge, too…and viola! You’ve just made it onto a WORLDSTARHIPHOP Vine Comp.

3) Future- “Low Life”


Source: http://static.wixstatic.com/media/623011_9361b38cd6d54cd4abf7cd7baa2a958d.png
  • Reason: The definition of savagery. The opening line of “Low Life” makes a listener dream of a spontaneous trip to Atlanta to experience Follies and buy a night at the Ritz, just to do anything to make sure you don’t receive your room’s security deposit back. It’s almost as if this song was made to be an anthem for doing all your guilty pleasures during a 5:22 minute time frame. All of us, deep down, envy the lifestyle that Future portrays in his music. It’s the “high life,” metaphorically and literally, that you can get away with. Cheers to Future and Abel for yet another summer jam individually, and to Russell Wilson, for secretly listening to this song, too.
  • Fun Fact: EVOL was Future’s 6th album within a 400 day span (consisting of Beast Mode, 56 Nights, DS2, and WATTBA)
  • Ideal setting you’d listen play this in: Smoking in your Pelican Hill hotel room in Newport Beach, CA.
  • Meal to have while listening: Cheetos Puffs and Hennessy

2) Travis Scott- “Pick Up The Phone”


Source: http://www.rapdirect.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/FADER-23_okxdqp-860×280.jpg
  • Reason: We’re no studio experts, but whatever that rendition of the steel drum is (right when you press play) is that immediate feeling of however you would interpret saying “Ay, ay, ay, ay” over and over. Personally, this was a toss-up for #1. The way Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Quavo all sound similar, yet compliment each other so well, is what makes every second of this song enjoyable. I remember watching Snapchat stories of some friends at the ANTi Tour by Rihanna, where Travis Scott gave a snippet of “Pick Up The Phone,” then the bunk version that released on Soundcloud before getting taken down. The constant tease and snippet of a song made us wanting more, and the CDQ release left zero disappointment. And plus, there wouldn’t be a “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” album title without Quavo’s verse.
  • Fun Fact: Yes, Brian McKnight had some involvement in the album. He was featured in a promo video for the album release, with McKnight’s hit single- “One Last Cry” playing in the background. The video can be found on Travis Scott’s YouTube channel here.
  • Newfound thought: After listening to the song, it’s only right to pronounce Thugger’s name as: “Tugga Tugga Bae”
  • What’s next for the dynamic three-sum?: Anticipation for the Travis Scott X Quavo & Tugga Tugga X Future albums are at an all-time high.

1) Kanye West- “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” & “Pt. 2” 

Source: https://static01.nyt.com/images/2016/08/27/arts/27KANYE/27KANYE-master768.jpg
  • Reason for Pt. 1: “Name one genius that ain’t crazy?” Kanye West did everything but disappoint as he came into 2016; providing hit after hit off his most recent critically acclaimed album, The Life of Pablo, all while continuously bringing Adidas to the success we know it as today. Yes, these are technically two separate songs…but fuck it! When you put both Pt. 1 & 2 off of shuffle, you’re given four minutes (plus some seconds) of a head knocking banger. On Pt.1, the casual listener is introduced to the most famous DJ tagline of the year: “If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot you!” It’s at this point, too, that we dub 0:33 of Pt. 1 as the most infamous beat drop of the year, complimented by Kid Cudi on the hook who helps envision that envy of waking up next to a gorgeous woman every morning.
  • Pt. 2: Then there’s the transition. WOOOOO! Going from Pt.1 to Pt.2 gives the listener a rushing vibe as though they’re ready to go fuck up a mosh pit. Hindsight it seems ridiculous, but as Pt. 2 was introduced to us, we came to know and love the newest form of Future: Desiigner. Yet, we say “hindsight it seems ridiculous,” because now knowing Desiigner months after the Panda & Pt. 2 release, you realize the versatility of G.O.O.D Music and how different Desiigner and Future really are. In some respect, we wish Panda never released so everyone can enjoy Pt. 2 for its individual greatness. In the end, however, it’s safe to say that we all “feel liberated-ah-ah.” We thank Kanye, G.O.O.D Music, and everyone’s month’s pay to Yeezy re-sellers for a phenomenal cap to 2016.
  • Word of advice: If your girl does bleach her a**hole, make sure you’re wearing a white t-shirt.
  • Ideal setting you’d play this in:
    • Pt.1: Set as your alarm as you wake up next to a baddie, buck naked, and with your blinds open.
    • Pt.2: Somewhere to twist up lean & Fanta

Missed The Cut: Frank Ocean- “Nights”, Rihanna- “Work”, Drake- “Fake Love”, Gucci Mane- “Drove U Crazy”, Lil Yachty- “One Night”, Post Malone- “Money Made Me Do It”, Big Baby D.R.A.M- “Broccoli”, Migos- “Bad and Boujee”
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