#2: Tune of the Week-1/1/17

Message from the staff:

Happy New Year to all!

Like you, our staff is still feeling a little tipsy from last night (or technically this morning). 

We’re sure we can all agree that our computer or phone screens are currently hurting our eyes and brain, so we’re going to help us all out and make this first “Tune of the Week” short, sweet, and simple.

To us and to life,


Tune of the Week-1/1/17

Author: Tana Smith

Fabolous- “Ball Drop” ft. French Montana

  • Reason: You can’t deny the idea that this will forever be a NYE anthem. Fabolous and French Montana came together to literally make a song dedicated to the New York Times Square Ball drop…so how could we not choose this song to open up the new year. We hold our champagne glasses high to the New York duo for blessing us with this New Years classic…and hope your New Year resolution lasts longer than the next time we post a “Tune of the Week.” French Montana- “When that hate don’t work they start telling lies.”
  • Ideal setting to listen to this song: Wherever you were for NYE
  • 2017 New Year resolution: Continue to build relationships with our readers

Welcome to 2017 #TrappyNewYears


*Any suggestions for next week’s “Tune of the Week?” Go to our Contact Us page for more information on submissions.
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