#3: The CDQ You Should Be Waiting For

The CDQ You Should Be Waiting For

Author: Tana Smith

Anticipation is a hell of a feeling. Whether it’s negative or positive, anticipation makes a person set a bar of expectations that will either be met, surpassed, or under achieved. With due diligence, we felt it was necessary to share a recommendation that we’re confident will meet and surpass that bar.

Back in mid-November the hip hop community was introduced to a new track by 2 Chainz (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) titled, “Let’s Ride.” This smooth R&B melody pays homage to a ton of West Coast artists, tying in both the old school and new school with verses like, “…talkin Ice Cube with the jheri curl,” and “Nip first name, last name Hussle. Kendrick Lamar with lyrical muscle.” It’s an R&B jam like this that makes your hotnewhiphop daily searches worth while. We hope the CDQ comes out sooner than later, but regardless, we had to share a staff favorite that we know will not disappoint. Shoutout to our creative consultant, KraftySelects, for this one.

  • Ideal setting you’d play this in: Cruising with the top down on PCH

Give “Let’s Ride” a listen and let us know what you think:


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