#5: Tune of the Week- 1/8/17

Tune of the Week- 1/8/17

Contributing Authors: Tana Smith Kraftmatic

Migos- “Say Sum”

Are you still struggling to get out of your 2016 rut? Are you one of the millions of people who have already failed at executing their new year resolution? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of those questions and know you’ve been delaying your plans with health, finance, relationships, or whatever you haven’t fallen through with yet…have no fear, we have the perfect song to get you back on your feet.

“Say Sum” by Migos is just that song to get you to take that leap of faith and treat yourself, even if you’re feeling discouraged or unproductive. All we can do as human beings is control what we can control, and within that concept is choosing who we want to spend our time with to get our mind off of something. Migos certainly understands the feeling of “just going for it” for the better of themselves. In “Say Sum”, the trio explains the chivalrous duty to spontaneously approach someone they find sexy due to the idea that they may never have that opportunity again.

Love and lust make the brain go blind, so listen to the song and go treat yourself. We guarantee you’ll end up finding motivation to “say sum” and capitalize on an opportunity to get yourself some good company to get your mind off of an already shitty start to your 2017.

Just don’t be a creep.

  • Beverage to have while listening: Hennessy…the recipe to confidence
  • Pick up line to try: “Can I read your t-shirt in braille?”


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