#6: BoSa Mothaf*ckin Donuts

BoSa Mothaf*ckin Donuts

Author: Tana Smith 

You wouldn’t know BoSa Donuts unless you’re from Phoenix, AZ. You wouldn’t mention BoSa Donuts more than Krispy Kremes unless you’re from Phoenix, AZ. And you wouldn’t know that there’s a battle for the better donuts between Rainbow Donuts and BoSa Donuts unless you’re from Phoenix, AZ.

BoSa…BoSa Mothaf*ckin Donuts. Whether you’re a transplant, snow bird, born and raised, or just visiting, BoSa Donuts is a must stop while you’re battling the heat in the Valley. Voted “Best Donuts in Town” by countless amounts of media outlets, BoSa Donuts is the perfect donut shop for all walks of life. They not only have the perfect dozen for your workplace coffee station, but also the perfect dozen for those late night munchies and a backwood. There really isn’t a bad choice when you go to the pink-interior shop. As a visitor of all 12 locations, I can assure you that the apple fritter from Gilbert is just as good as the maple bar from West Phoenix. Even the bear crawls from Tucson match the bear crawls perfectly in Scottsdale.

The reassuring, yet disappointing, thing is that their donuts are sold quickly. One of the top donuts that are usually gone within an hour are the chocolate cake donuts with sprinkles or the chocolate cake donut holes (basically anything chocolate cake donut based). But no need to worry, the high donut turnover rate is compensated with a high donut making rate. So although there is a slight scarce grace period, rest assured there are hundreds of donuts being made in the back (you can even see on the racks behind the counter). AND to just add icing to the cake (no pun intended), even the prices are cheap for the quality of donut.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Donuts
    • Raised, Cake, Devil’s Food Donuts: $0.89
    • Fancy Donuts (Bear Crawl, Cinnamon Roll, Apple Fritter, Butterfly): $1.39
  • Thai Tea Boba (because that shit is fire): $4.09

Before I go on I have to admit something to the reader. This last paragraph has taken me an hour to start because I just finished smoking a backwood and started watching the new episode of Noisey on VICELAND. So as the commercial break is upon us, and this blog is going on a tangent, I have to abruptly finish this post so I can run to the BoSa across the street before the commercial break is over.

  • Drink to pair with BoSa: Cookies and Creme Hot Cocoa from QT
  • Song to listen to while going to BoSa:
Photo Credit: Reston (Off a disposable)


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