#8: Tune of the Week- 1/15/17

Tune of the Week- 1/15/17

Author: Tana Smith

J Dilla (feat. D’ Angelo & Common)- “So Far To Go”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Love is in the air as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his role in the advancement of civil rights. Rather than focusing on the awareness that everyone seems to bring up (but should not go unnoticed), I thought it would be a nice refresher to switch it up and pick an oldie but goodie that promotes love. With the artists featured already being a proactive figure in the community, discussing racism and using their platform to promote equality, it gives the perfect reason to choose Common, J Dilla, and D’Angelo and their classic hit “So Far To Go” as a fresh take on why we celebrate MLK day.

Love sees no race, religion, or sexuality…it’s not, nor ever should be, limited to those that are in your immediate group. Love should be the response given to those outside that group, too, which then enables us as a society to live as not separate, but one….human race.

Side note: If you’re a hip hop fan and you don’t know this song, or are ignorant about this era, then shame on you.

RIP Martin Luther King Jr.

king-nobel-peace-prize-pSource: http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2014/01/king-nobel-peace-prize-P.jpeg

RIP J Dilla, Jay Dee, Dilla Dawg

jdilla_wide-d5a9325dddd750bb64bef23d0665d2c48f581d08-s900-c85Source: http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2016/04/06/jdilla_wide-d5a9325dddd750bb64bef23d0665d2c48f581d08-s900-c85.jpg


  • What can you do in your community to honor and celebrate MLK: Get involved. There’s a ton of volunteer opportunities on January 16th.
  • Ideal setting to play this song: Wherever the magic happens.


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