#9: How To Make A Banana Pipe

How To Make A Banana Pipe

Author: Tana Smith
Photography by: Michelle
Inspired By: Abdullah Saeed of Vice


  • 1 banana

  • A knife

  • A pen


Cut the tip of the banana off, this will be used as your bowl piece.

Take your pen and stick it through the bottom of the tip that you just cut off, like so (it should gut the banana filling at the same time):


Take your pen and stick it through the main part of your banana, making a funnel for you to inhale through:


*(A step we forgot to take a photo of)* Take your pen and do the same thing to the top of the banana. You should be able to draw a direct line to the funnel you previously created.

Then, make sure to suck out any blockage from the banana to ensure a smooth inhaling process. You may be doing a sus action like the photo below, but it’s a necessary step:


Then, take your knife and make the hole on top of the banana a little wider to fit your bowl piece.

Connect your bowl piece to the banana and VOILA!


  • Kicks to wear while making this masterpiece: You’re inside…but if there is an exception out there I would recommend those New Love (BMP) 1’s to match
  • Song to play while making this masterpiece:


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*Featured Image Source: Michelle

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